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Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Alireza Noori

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Disclaimer: I'm in no way, shape, or form a professional in this area and everything that I offer is my personal opinion. You should take it with a grain of salt and if you want to apply it for yourself, discuss it with a professional.

Recently I had to travel overseas and I couldn't postpone. Traveling has always had its dangers and issues, however, during the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is ten times more complicated. I searched the web for tips and thought long and hard to come up with the best plan possible. What to do, what to wear, what to take, to eat, etc. Here's what I came up with. Maybe you could add your own points to them as well.

Protective equipment:

  • Masks: I had 14 N95 masks each in its own plastic container. Anytime I needed one, I could sanitize my hands, open a new one and change my mask.
  • Gloves: Same as masks but many more. I had packed each pair in a separate plastic bag so when I needed a new pair, I would take the ones that I had off, sanitize the bag and my hands, rip it and take them out and wear them.
  • Sprays and Gels: The airports won't let you take much liquid with you so I just took a 100ml container, a small spray, and a bigger gel. I used the gel a lot when I got to the hotel to clean everything.
  • Face shield: I had one on all the time but be careful when you want to take it off, try to sanitize your hands first.


  • The best tip would be to eat as little as possible. Try to pick meals that are easy to consume and sanitize. I packed several cans and a few bananas. You can peel off the banana and you don't need to touch the edible part. And you can wash the cans.
  • Try not to go to a cafe or restaurant. Especially in the airport. The plane is safer believe it or not. All of the passengers are tested and the AC changes the air completely every few minutes. Just be careful that the person next to you is not eating at the same time as you.

Hotel/Home (I'm going with the hotel because there's little more to do there):

  • When you get to the hotel, first choose a spot (like a table) and put everything there. Take off your clothes, go take a shower, wash your body, and everything you may want to touch in the bathroom. The shampoo container, the flush, the faucet, everything.
  • The towel and the bed are most likely safe. The virus won't survive that much on these surfaces and if it's a nice hotel they've probably taken precaution with them.
  • After the shower, you move to your stuff. Clean a table, then start cleaning things that you need during your stay such as cellphones, chargers and put them on the table one by one. After that clean things like remote, room phone, the socket, light switch, etc.
  • Try to categorize each area for different things. Put the cleaning equipment in an area that is easily accessible. And try to touch as few things as possible. For instance, I didn't sit on a chair. I just sat on a single couch during my stay and didn't even touch its handle. 
  • After you finish cleaning, just wear your clean clothes and get a rest.
  • When you want to go out, just put your clean clothes on the bed and wear the clothes for the outside, wear your new pair of gloves and mask (maybe shield too). When you come back just repeat the process with the clothes and shower.

General tips:

  • Don't adjust your masks. I've seen so many people use their hands and adjust the mask. It's not safe. The virus can get on the mask from your hand. If you have an itch, just try to ignore it. If you really need to take it off, first sanitize your hand with a gel or spray and then take it off. Maybe even change the mask afterward.
  • The best method to sanitize anything is to wash them with soap for 20 seconds. If it's not possible, the next option is gels and sprays. I used gels for things like tablets, cell phones, and chargers.
  • When you pack things, try to think of a way to keep them clean. The airport might need to check your luggage. Maybe put your clean clothes in a plastic container.
  • Your outside clothes are not important. Just select comfortable clothes. One thing to note here is to pack more underwear and home clothes than usual. The reason being, you are going to take more showers than usual.
  • And last but definitely not least, try to think that everyone has the virus and everything is contaminated. It's not a nice thing to think of but it can possibly save your life.

Although following this regimen is not easy and comfortable, it might give you more chance to avoid contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It's still not 100% safe so avoid traveling if possible.

That's all I can remember for now. You can think of more when you are in the situation and depending on your circumstances. Hopefully, these will help you travel safely.